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More on academic journals

Why can’t I remember to hit the publish button? This should have appeared yesterday!

An interesting piece in the Times Higher: Peers, review your actions by Michael Taylor with plenty of good comments after the article. (Has that last phrase ever been used about comments on the internet?)

For me the most interesting bit is the suggestion that researchers should ask for payment for their services – currently we referee and edit pretty much for free. I have seen before that we should charge fees – either by Halmos or Steven Krantz, but I can’t remember where.

I think I’ll adopt the idea. If anyone asks me to review for an academic journal that is not open access or for a learned society such as the London Mathematical Society, then I’ll ask for payment. Does anyone know of a reasonable rate? Not that it matters, even if I set my fee at one pound per hour, then I think the journal editor will look elsewhere for a referee. I’ll start at 100 pounds for a standard paper and 140 for a long paper. Too much or am I undervaluing my time/talents?

I’ll let you know if I get any takers.

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