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British Science Festival in Bradford

British Science Festival

British Science Festival

It’s a month to go until the British Science Festival which will be held in Bradford this year.

Of interest to mathematicians are:

  1. Maths and Stats Busking 10-11 September in city centre – not sure where. See also my previous post about maths busking.
  2. Vital Statistics: Sport’s Key to Decision-Making, 1pm-3pm, Sat 10 September.
  3. The Maths and Computing Magic Show, 3.30pm-5pm, Sat 10 Sept
  4. X and Y Factor – A Mathematics Multi-media Competition, possibly 11am-1pm, Tue 13 Sept , see p10 of the pdf in the link.
  5. Maths Makes Waves, 1pm-3pm, Tue 13 Sept .
  6. The Sight and Sound of the Primes, 1pm-2pm, Wed 14 Sept.
  7. New Patterns – New Perspectives, Caroline Series, 4.30pm-5.30pm, Thu 15 September.

Look out for me in the audience at the Maths and Computing Magic Show and Maths Makes Waves. I would like to attend Caroline Series’ talk but I may be on holiday.

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