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A great teacher! Official!

At the whiteboard

Educating, educating, educating.

Regular readers may recall I was holding back a post because I was waiting for a picture. The picture arrived and I look terrible in it. So I’m using a different one. That’s me in action during my complex analysis course.

The original picture showed me shaking hands with our Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Student Education, Prof Vivien Jones, at the annual Learning and Teaching Conference here at the University of Leeds. The story is that I’ve been recognized for my teaching. At the conference I was officially awarded a University Teaching Fellowship. This is the University’s scheme for

Recognition and reward for excellence in teaching and support for student learning…

These are quite prestigious within the university as only about 80 have been awarded in the last 10 years.

Many thanks to those who helped me improve my application: Alison Voice, Margit Messmer, Charles Taylor, Samantha Pugh, Thomas Wagenknecht, and Kelvin Tapley.

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