Colin Wright and the mathematics of juggling

Maths of Juggling

Maths of Juggling

Recently, an acquaintance from my days as a researcher at Liverpool University alerted me to the existence of the Museum of Mathematics in New York. My acquaintance, Janet West, was a PhD student when I was at Liverpool and is now involved in the museum. There’s plenty of stuff online to look at but I would like to draw your attention if you have not already seen it to a lecture by Colin Wright. Colin is well-known in the mathematics communication community as he probably does more mathematics talks in schools around the country than anyone else. His main talk is about the mathematics of juggling. You can see him talking on to the BBC about it by clicking this link. (Note that the headline says he is a teacher whereas in fact his job is in marine navigation!)

Colin gave a talk at the Museum of Maths in New York which was recorded and is on YouTube. You can even buy a DVD version.

Teachers: If you are interested in seeing his talk at your school, then go to his webpage.

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