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Sequences and Series

I’ve been working on other things for a while but have started to get moving on my latest project: Sequences and Series. This began with the leftovers from How to Think Like a Mathematician. I had written quite a few chapters on analysis, in particular, on the definition of the limit of a sequence. After all, the concept of epsilon-delta proof is a key topic to grasp in mathematics and require deep logical thinking for most students.

Anyhow, the chapters had to go as the book would have been too long. I had intended to use them as a basis for a book on real analysis but got involved in a book on complex analysis. Next, one of my colleagues produced a book on real analysis! So rather than be ungentlemanly direct competition for him I’ve used my notes to create a website on Sequences and Series. It’s a bit basic at the moment (and has been up for a while) but I’ll add more this year. A book will follow in due course.

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