Updates and my upcoming talks

WP Milne Lecture Poster

Last week was another busy week with trips to London and Birmingham. The latter was to give a talk at the annual National Association of Mathematical Advisers. This is a group of people who advise school teachers and politicians regarding the content and implementation of Primary, Secondary, GCSE and A Level Mathematics. (Probably, that’s a gross distortion of what they do but it’ll give you the idea if you’ve never heard of them before.) My talk was on How to Think Like a Mathematician. I’m not sure that it was the sort of talk they were looking for but I gave it a go…

On the Thursday evening there was a conference dinner followed by the comedian Helen Keen who was doing her It is Rocket Science talk. It was certainly an enjoyably funny show but maybe a bit short – though that could be because she speaks so fast. Nonetheless, she is worth watching – according to her website she will speaking at the Cambridge Science Festival this month. Which brings me to the Leeds Festival of Science, and in particular, my talks.

I’ll be speaking 1:30-2:30 on Saturday 10 March and Wednesday March 28th. See the Festival Science brochure and the WP Milne poster for details.

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