Teaching Students to Write Mathematics I

I’ve been away at the CETL-MSOR annual conference where I launched the Teaching Students to Write Mathematics DVD. Every conference attendee (nearly 100 of them) got a copy and the short talk I gave seemed well-received.

The DVD mainly consists of three videos shot at the Teaching Students to Write Mathematics meeting at the School of Mathematics, University of Leeds on May 12th this year. We had three speakers: me, Franco Vivaldi and Mike Robinson. In total we got nearly two hours of great material.

The videos on the DVD are now available on YouTube thanks to Peter Rowlett. I’ll be putting up a web page in the coming week for the DVD so that people can download it and the extra DVD-ROM content. (I haven’t done so yet because I’m having trouble with my website and blog – more on that some other time.)

The first video is my talk. This was intended to introduce the subject to the audience and to show what I have been doing to encourage students to write mathematics properly.

Looking back at the video, I think I may have committed the mistake that so many make: I lump all students together as being uninterested in study or unable to achieve. So when you hear me make generalizations about students, I should really say “some students”!

Comments and suggestions are of course welcome.

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